ViequesLove is actively working to assist Emergency Management and health response agencies to increase capacity for dealing with the COVID-19 virus.

  • Designed, implemented and facilitating contact tracing program for the island
  • Supplied over 25,000 masks to first responders, healthcare workers and the community
  • Wrote grant for Vieques Municipality Mayor Emeric to receive CARES Act funding.
  • With CARES Act funding acquired 2 isolation chambers and four helmets for safe medical transport of Covid positive patients
  • Organizing and managing drive through Covid testing events every weekend
  • Supporting staff and other expenses at Covid testing events
  • Set up the CDT, Municipality, healthcare workers, and Community Emergency Response with technology and connectivity to have video conferencing capability.
  • Purchased a portable Hamilton T1 ventilator for use in the ambulance and ,if needed, transferred to the CDT or airplane.
  • Sponsored and coordinated Covid 19 training incollaboration with the municipal government, emergency management and A.M.A.R.

ViequesLove formed to provide aide to Vieques after Hurricane Maria struck the island on September 20th, 2017 and the first to land a plane full of satellite phones and supplies five days after the storm. Our volunteers worked around the clock to secure lives, provide necessities, and provide support where it was most needed. Since then, we have focused on preparing the island for another event and collaborating with all organizations working toward a sustainable resilient future.



ViequesLove is a 501c3 nonprofit organization on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Our team of local residents on and off island jumped into action to provide life-saving supplies, communication tools, evacuate critically ill, and give hope to an entire island.


Focused on Preparedness

ViequesLove is taking lessons learned from past hardship and forging valuable community solutions to prepare the island for future storms and events. Putting tools and resources in the hands of others will strengthen the island and accelerate response.


Sustainability and Resilience

ViequesLove works for a more resilient, sustainable future through community empowerment and collaboration. Stronger together,r our goal is to increase capacity and effectiveness of initiatives that will make profound positive change.

Support Our Work


ViequesLove needs your support now more than ever to safeguard future generations and create a more sustainable, resilient future.

Emergency Water for Schools-Seven 1000 gallon and two 600 gallon cisterns installed at 9 school locations
Street Naming for Emergency Assessment- Goal $50,000
ViequesLove is an official member of the Puerto Rico VOAD (Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster)
Emergency Communications Completion of HAM and VHF Radio Nework
Food and Clothing Program Support-Container construction to increase storage and distribution capacity of Fe Que Transforma’s programs for the underserved community
Asset, Mitigation and Resilience Mapping
Procurement of readiness supplies
Recycling Center-Providing and equipping the center to restart recycling program, sourcing necessary equipment, installing solar and vehicle needed
Planting 400 fruit bearing trees and offering course for propagation and backyard farming
Reviving and revising 2004 Vieques Sustainable Master Plan
Grant Writer/Compliance Office Initiative to increase capacity of all NGOs working toward sustainability
ViequesLove initiated and sponsored local Viequense members to create a Vieques Lions Club Chapter. Lions Club International is the largest service organization in the world and responded within 24 hours after Huricane Maria. To sponsor a Viequense Lion contact Dayanara Cruz at [email protected]
Repair of Vocational Training Center Roof and culinary classroom / Painting of Highschool. Goal 25,000
Members of the junior and senior class on ViequesLove Advisory Board
Restaurant discount program for Vieques educators
Please consider a monthly donation to make these and other initiatives possible:




$ 1600000








Vieques Love Pie Chart as of 12/2018

Vieques, is an island 7 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico a commonwealth of the United States. An island off an island, it is logistically challenging to get supplies or building materials here. Much of the help coming to Puerto Rico never makes it to Vieques. These challenges make not only recovery, preparation and mitigation difficult, but day-to-day living as well.

ViequesLove has the advantage of local knowledge, true love for the island, and the commitment of our team working for a better tomorrow and a more resilient island. Our families live here, our children go to school here, this is our home. We will make sure that your donation will not only make a difference, but we will strive for profound and lasting change for the future.

Sept. 20, 2017 – Dec. 15, 2018


What love can do.

ViequesLove has been working daily over the past two years on recovery, preparedness, resilience and sustainability.
Please join us by supporting our initiatives.

Malecon Group
ViequesLove is proud to provide $25,000 to repair the Esperanza Malecon (esplanade) that was badly damaged by Hurricane Maria. The repair effort is a collaboration with the Municipality, Claritza Navarro of M&M Construction, island businesses and, of course, you our donors. The community is rallying to make this an island wide effort to support fundraising efforts for this and other needs on the island, proving once again, that there is nothing more powerful than neighbors helping neighbors.  [The repair to the Malecón is considered a temporary patch needed immediately to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. Our community efforts to ensure safety and beautify the Malecón should in no way affect the permanent reconstruction funded by FEMA.] We need your help to continue to fund projects like this. Please continue your support.

Lessons Learned and Partners Gained

Not only were important lessons learned from Hurricane Maria for resilience and preparedness, but due to an overwhelming outpouring of response and support, ViequesLove found partners, collaborators, supporters, and friends of the island.  We will continue our efforts to increase our network of magnificent participants, benefactors, and affiliates to work together for a better future for Vieques.

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