Boy drinking clean water from a drinking fountainInitiatives

Water for Schools

ViequesLove THEN During the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, ViequesLove provided essential support to keep the water flowing to households and schools with the purchase of pumps, generators and technicians to service equipment. ViequesLove NOW With schools reopening this week, we are providing nine schools with emergency backup water cisterns that will provide emergency water in…


Support to HopeBuilders

The mission of HopeBuilders, a nonprofit organization founded by Vickie Machaud, is to rebuild and repair homes that have been damaged by Hurricane Maria. ViequesLove supported the wages of 2 full time contractors for six months to repair homes. ViequesLove board member and grant writer Sharon Pepin also assisted HopeBuilders in securing a sizable grant…


VOAD (Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster)

ViequesLove collaborated with the Puerto Rico and National VOAD during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and during the 2018 Hurricane season. In April 2019 ViequesLove became a member of the Puerto Rico VOAD, a territorial chapter of the National VOAD. The VOAD consists of organizations active in disaster response throughout the territory of Puerto Rico. The VOAD’s role…

Emergency Management Antenna in Vieques, Puerto RicoInitiatives

Emergency Management Antenna

Thanks to a collaborative effort with ViequesLove the Office of Emergency Management, Sail Relief, Mountain Communications, and the Municipal government, a solar powered antenna now provides connection island-wide. For the first time in Vieques history Emergency Management on the north side of the island can communicate with the south side of the island thanks to this…

VHF Radio Communications EquipmentInitiatives

VHF Radio Communication Web

ViequesLove purchased 28 VHF short wave radios for a communications program initiated  by Que Fe Transforma. The radios were distributed to agencies and Vieques fishermen who were some of the first responders after Hurricane Maria. VHF Radios  provide a means of communication between groups and individuals on Vieques when cell towers are inoperable.

Ham Radio Communication EquipmentInitiatives

HAM Radio Communication Web

ViequesLove has initiated and supported a HAM Radio Program in collaboration with Radio Vieques, William Patterson University and Alberic Medina. 25 Radios, 2 base stations, 2 portable units and two antennas were purchased to establish an island wide net of certified operators with equipment. ViequesLove also purchased the text books for the certification course and…

A dirt road in Vieques Puerto RicoInitiatives

Naming Unnamed Streets

There are many streets and entire barrios without street names making assessment, search and rescue difficult in an emergency situation. ViequesLove led by board member Paul Lutton is taking the initiative to name those streets. Surveys are being conducted in the neighborhoods to collect input and suggestions from the residents. The first barrio was Monte…