ViequesLove is committed to green initiatives to help reduce the use of single use plastic on the island. You can play a part by consciously packing items that help the island become more sustainable.

Say no to plastic straws. Pack these stainless steel straws in your suitcase. Consider them like your toothbrush... you wouldn’t dream of traveling without it.
Many of the restaurants have committed to helping by eliminating styrofoam to-go containers . These collapsable reusable food containers fit easily in a beach bag or purse and are perfect for leftovers when dining out. They make great water bowls if traveling with pets!
Vieques has banned plastic bags in the grocery stores. Bring your own reusable bag which doubles for a great beach bag.
Don’t purchase cases of water while you are here. The water on Vieques comes from the rainforest and is safe to drink. Bring your own thermoflask which will keep water with ice for 24 hours and just refill! Save money and the environment .
You’ll never forget your reusable straw if it folds up into a key chain.Wash daily with alcohol. Rum Punch works best!
Collapsible Travel Cup
Instead of packing plastic cups to share beverages at the beach throw these into your beach bag. They fit perfectly in a beach chair cupholder.
Stasher Storage Bags
These reusable snack bags are made of silicone and are essentially “flexible glass”. They can be frozen, boiled, used in the microwave and put in a dishwasher. Smart design.

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