ViequesLove THEN

During the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, ViequesLove provided essential support to keep the water flowing to households and schools with the purchase of pumps, generators and technicians to service equipment.

ViequesLove NOW

With schools reopening this week, we are providing nine schools with emergency backup water cisterns that will provide emergency water in event of a shortage or a break in service as well as serve the island as additional water capacity during an island-wide outage.

This project could not have been accomplished without the help of Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and of course our donors; thank you! #ViequesLove



ViequesLove is beginning research of the conditions, both of quality and quantity, of the underground water reserves that exist in the island. We believe that through a sustainable use, this groundwater could be enough to satisfy the Vieques population needs during emergencies; and together with a rainwater collection project in homes and buildings, could become a powerful tool for self-reliance of the island’s people.

To make a profound impact on the future, this is one of the many projects that need your support. Help us work toward a sustainable future. Thank you!


We were born of your generous spirit in a time of disaster, and we thank you.

It has been an honor to be part of this incredible evolution of the island and see firsthand the shift toward unity, collaboration, and the belief that Vieques can become a model of sustainability.

However, the hardest work is yet to come: the 2019 Hurricane season is upon us, and we once again find ourselves vulnerable. We pray that it is not another storm that inspires you to continue your support to ViequesLove but the trust in our daily work safeguarding future generations.

ViequesLove Projects
[in the works]

• Street Naming Initiative
• Survey / Mapping of resilience centers and preparedness assets
•Capacity Building of NGOs
• VoTech Building Repair at High School
Fruit Tree Propagation and Planting Initiative
• VOAD-Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster
• COE-ViequesLove invited and official member to represent NGOs
• Emergency supplies procurement for three storage locations
• Food and medicine storage construction at Fe Que Transforma
• Sustainable water management research and campaign
• Island Preparedness Campaign

Please consider making a monthly donation to continue our daily work focused on preparedness, sustainability, and creating powerful community solutions from lessons learned.